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Supporting Moms.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Here are some ways we can support new moms that are non-shaming:

  1. Ask Mom how she is doing and hear her answer! Be a safe place for her to vent, cry, ask questions or talk about anything…especially if she wants and needs to talk about anything other than the baby.

  2. Offer to help. Don’t wait for mom (or dad!) to ask. If you are not comfortable showing up with dinner and a helping hand then tell-ask when you can come over. “What day could I bring dinner and hold baby while you take care of you?”

  3. Offer advice only when it is asked for. Your daughter/sister/friend/etc. is already feeling overwhelmed and is bombarded with messages of how other people are doing things and comparing themselves negatively to everyone else. Unless the advice is about loving herself and putting aside her own judgment; please keep it to yourself.

  4. Provide only what advice is specifically asked for. If she asks what to do if baby won’t sleep on his/her back; that is not an invitation to tell her she should be breastfeeding or that you would use a different method of sleep training.

  5. Keep questions and comments of how mom is feeding her baby to yourself. Do you know if Steve Jobs was breast or bottle fed? Probably not. Because it does not matter. Fed is best.

  6. Make sure to tell her she is doing a good job or that you are proud of her. She needs to hear that. She is questioning everything about herself and her ability to maintain her sanity while keeping this tiny, beautiful baby clean, fed, happy and rested.

  7. If you are concerned about mom’s symptoms of depression or anxiety; let her know it is OK to ask for help.

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