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Specializing in:
Perinatal Wellness
Women's Issues
Executive Functioning
Compassion Fatigue (Burnout)

Work related issues
Life Transitions 
Perinatal Grief
Fertility Issues
Help for the Helper

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At the end of my practice I offer, may y
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It can be intimidating to start therapy for the first time or return to therapy with someone new. Here is some information about what to expect. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • After you have connected with me through the portal or by email then you will receive some forms to fill out via an online HIPAA compliant platform, Simple Practice. 

  • We then schedule our first appointment.

  • During our first session, the intake, I collect additional information about your symptoms and we make a treatment plan together. A treatment plan focuses on the goals you have for yourself as well as how frequently we should meet. It is typical to meet weekly or every other week in the beginning so that we can establish a trusting relationship that is the basis for our work together. 

  • It is important to be comfortable during therapy as well as in a space that you can have privacy in. If any of those things are a barrier let me know and we can problem solve together!

  • Our first few sessions will be focused on getting to know each other and learning more about what brought you to therapy. 

  • It is normal to be nervous for the first session! 

  • It is okay to decline to answer questions you are not comfortable with during our first appointment. 

  • I like to find times that will work best for you and do my best to accommodate that. 

It can be helpful to have a routine/ritual for beginning our sessions and ending them. 

Consider these suggestions: 
Sit quietly for five minutes before we begin to set some intentions. 
Use a notebook just for therapy. 
At the end; set another intention for one way to implement a strategy we discussed and spend five minutes quietly reflecting. 


For optimal connection: 
Close other tabs
Close any running programs
Use your device's "do not disturb" feature

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